Rice Husks 10L - silica (silicon) for healthy plants, mulch as sun protection for raised beds, vegetable & houseplants, bedding additive for happy chickens, quails, terrariums.

✔️ Silicon (silica) for your plants: Makes cell walls stronger and more resistant to diseases, pests and environmental stressors such as heat, cold or drought.
✔️ Ideal sun protection for raised beds and vegetable gardens: our rice husks reflect sunlight, protecting the soil from drying out and supporting the growing conditions of your plants.
✔️ Increases water retention in the soil: our rice husks, mixed with the soil, result in better porosity, which increases water retention in the soil and provides your plants with optimal water.
✔️ Happy animals: The rice husks are also an excellent animal litter additive for chicken and quail nests and terrarium. The animals love to play with it and pick remnants of the rice from the husks.
✔️ 100% organic, no additives: Our rice husks are a by-product of rice cultivation and contain no additives.
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